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With a network of thoudands of overseas and domestic factories, Forever After has the ability to source or manufacture anything, including plastics, metals, electroincs, wearables, plush.....You name it!!! The only limit is your imagination. However, with Forever After as your creative source....your imagination will have no limitation!!!

Unlike the lengthy production times of some of our competitors, our production times and delivery on many of our overseas products, only take 40-75 days. We will manage all aspects of the import process, including negotiations, financial, customs, duties, quality control and shipping. All you need to put your trust in us!!!
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If you would like us to work on a custom project for you, please fill out the contact form below with a detailed description of the project. Please make sure to include answers to the questions listed below. This will enable us to come up with creative solutions that will not only be within your budget, but will allow us to come up with a ideas that will have greater impact on the objective at hand

1) What is your budget?
2) How many units do you need?
3) What are the demographics of you target market?
4) When do you need the items in hands?
5) What is the promotions intent?
6) Is there a theme?

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